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September 2009


Reviews of fish and wildlife literature for all native and naturalized species of Virginia are performed by Department of Game and Inland Fisheries biologists and through contracts with universities and specialists. BOVA Booklet for Tiger salamander Their efforts are summarized and indexed in an agency database called Biota of Virginia (BOVA). Information is organized for each indexed species into a collection of reports called a BOVA Booklet. Initial support for developing BOVA was provided by the Office of Surface Mining, the Bureau of Land Management and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Development of BOVA followed "A Procedure for Describing Fish and Wildlife" developed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Eastern Energy and Land Use Team. Extensive literature exists for some species, but for many species there is little to no published information. BOVA represents the best effort to summarize all available information concerning Virginia's fish and wildlife. There is continuous effort made to ensure BOVA contains accurate and most complete information available. Inclusion or exclusion of any particular species from a list is based on information summarized from books, journals, and scientific reports made available to VDGIF biologists. BOVA booklets may be viewed using links associated with any report that includes a list of species. Report Species List  Literature used in BOVA can be searched using Species Information References.

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Two forms, Species Information By Name and Species Information By Land Management allow you to view lists of fish and wildlife species, each with a link to a BOVA booklet.  You can also get a list of species using Geographic Search.

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