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This window allows you to measure distances or change the type, scale and size of the map you are viewing. You may add coverage layers, remove location rings, change the base layer map type, change the map center location, identify features and change the map scale all using this window. Below is an explanation of how to use the features. Please note that every time you make a choice, therefore changing some aspect of the map view, the map will automatically refresh.

Left of Map:

Above the Map:

Below the Map:

Printing the map:

VaFWIS Maps Measure Tool uses "background color" to show the drawn line. Under normal circumstances, to save ink, background-colors are not printed. Your browser needs to be enabled to print "background colors" in order to print the Map Measure line. Recommendation: disable printing of background-color when finished printing VaFWIS Maps.
Set Print for Background-Color as of May 2011:

Browser Issues with Zoom as of May 2011: